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Thank you to those that lended a hand!


The Boy Scout Slogan is "Do a good turn daily" and starting in 2009, the Committee to Save Pouch camp joined forces with organizations and citizens to collect thousands of petition signatures. All of you showed that the Boy Scout Slogan was alive and well, even if you weren't in Scouting!  An online petition drive (which can be seen here) helped collect over 5,000 signatures. In addition, volunteers collected over 15,000 petitions via email, letters, signature forms and online! The support of the community is what will make this - and has made this - a successful effort.


Request a Lawn Sign


You may have seen our white lawn signs with blue lettering around Staten Island. Since the Committee was formed, over 1,000 lawn signs have been helping raise awareness about our cause. These signs were paid for by the generous support of members of the Committee and you can get one for free. Just send us an email at to request one today.

Donate to the Greenbelt Conservancy, Pouch Camp Preservation Fund


The Committee to Save Pouch Camp, working with the Greenbelt Conservancy (a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization) is helping to raise fund to complete Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the Pouch Preservation Plan. If you would like to learn more about this effort and donate to this fund, please download the Committee's brouchure.  If you would like us to mail you a hard copy or you would like to distribute these brochures, please contact us via email at

Join our Facebook page


One of the greatest ways to stay up-to-date with the effort to save Pouch Camp is to join our Facebook page.  The page can be found by clicking here.


Pouch Camp is privately owned open space, including woods, wetlands and Lake Ohrbach.

Contact Our Elected Officials


Email, call or write to our elected officials telling them you support our efforts and you want to see Pouch Camp saved! For the complete contact list, click here.


UPDATE: December 5, 2013: Governor Andrew Cuomo announces Approval of Conservation Plan for William H. Pouch Scout Camp  


This site was started to create a place where we, concerned Scouts and residents of Staten Island, New York City and beyond, could come to get informed and get involved in saving the William H. Pouch Scout Camp.


Through organization and awareness, we can save Pouch Camp - we have to. Pouch Camp has touched the lives of countless young people throughout the years. Maybe you have hiked in Pouch, camped in a cabin or fished in Lake Ohrbach. Maybe you just drove by Pouch Camp on Manor Road and remember a Staten Island that was greener and never thought this property could be sold to developers.


Since the Committee to Save Pouch Camp organized in late 2009 to early 2010, the Committee has held numerous rallies, community events, fundraisers and lawn sign drives.  With the announcement of a deal to save Pouch Camp by the GNYC-BSA and the Trust for Public Land, we must focus now, more than ever, to see this three phase preservation plan become a reality.


We are greatful that in 2012 Phase 1 of the plan was completed but more work needs to be done. Join us in continuing to fight to preserve the camp.


Please suggest content that should appear on this site and get (and stay) involved. Together, we can save Pouch Camp!



2011: We are happy to announce that an agreement has been reached to save Pouch Camp through a three phase preservation plan.




Read what the Trust for Public Land says about Pouch Camp


Boy Scout Council Enters into agreement for Pouch Camp Preservation - July, 2011


2012: Phase 1 of the Pouch Camp Preservation Plan completed.


Read what the Staten Island Advance had to say about this historic milestone and read more below

The sign above was placed by the Department of Environmental Conservation on Manor Road at the entrance to the William H. Pouch Camp. For more information on the completition of Phase 1, click here.

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